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ACTION of PA, or Americans for Christian Traditions In Our Nation, is an organization that focuses on electing conservatives to office. With four chapters in Lancaster, Chester, York, and Adams counties, ACTION engages people to become more involved in politics at the local, state, and federal levels, and encourages debate on issues affecting every Pennsylvanian and American.
When do voters
care about local elections?
when taxes go up by more than 10%?
when they are the candidate?
when a local elected official starts issuing same sex marriage licenses?
By John Lawrence Over the past few months, the nation has witnessed one of our greatest cities, Detroit, slide into an ever-growing financial morass. This one-time industrial and cultural leader has devolved from a shining beacon of capitalism to a shadow of its former self. Decades of government ineptitude and poor financial planning resulted in gross municipal over-borrowing and a crushing deb... (more) In the ACTION Update today, we want to bring to your attention a bill in Harrisburg that is wrong in more ways than one. Looking at HB300 (which is also being introduced in the Senate as SB300) on the surface, it may seem to be ok. But a closer look sends alarms to all who believe in traditional values. The bill calls for nondiscrimination in three areas: employment, housing, and public ac... (more)
It's unfair to force taxpayers to pay for partisan politics. By Nathan Benefield It was the last straw for teacher Steve Calabro. When the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) ran advertisements claiming any teacher who didn't contribute to the union PAC was part of the "Gov. Tom Corbett fan club," he had seen enough. Steve, a teacher from Lackawanna County in northeastern Pennsyl... (more) By Jeff Coleman If the president had not intervened and convened a summit, the country would have likely spiraled into the riskiest shutdown in American history, and perhaps the deadliest. In the summer months leading up to the executive office gathering of some newly famous crusaders and egos, an ugly scenario was gelling into a life-threatening moment for millions. JEFF COLEMAN HEADSHOT ARTV... (more)
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We are pleased to present Tom Shaheen of the PA Family Institute for a webinar entitled A Capitol View of Hot Issues. Plan to spend 30 minutes in front of your computer to learn about what is going on in Harrisburg. Join us every month for information on issues from a Christian perspective.
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